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My written assignment

Hi i’m Karissa and I am from F.E madill and I am going to tell you about the Idea Hive.
What can you do on the Idea Hive is you may go and look at people’s blog post and comment on them if you would like. You can post blogs your self and you can also post pictures for anyone to see. Mrs.D had been doing the Idea hive for 3 years now we will be using the Idea Hive for this year. So do you think you will love the Idea Hive?

Something I have in common with most people in Snow Lake is What I have most in common with people is that we all like to be with our friends when we in school. The site we all like the most is facebook.when I say we I mean Holly ,Katie,Kassie and myself.

Something I have in common with a few people is that we all want to go to Mexico for our dream vacation and and we don’t have nicknames.We all like to play soccer this is what I have in common with a few people from Snow Lake.

The thing that is unique about me is
I think that my eyes are unique and I am kind of shy until I get to know people really good then I may not be so shy anymore.

The person the most like me from Snow Lake is Katie
Why I think that me a Katie are most alike because we have a lot in common like we both like Facebook.We also both want to go to Mexico for a vacation. We both don’t have a favorite sport.

I wonder How many of the new kids will like the Idea Hive and like google docs.
Do you think that the Idea Hive is going to be as fun as last year?



About Me

I’m an 8B Mustang at F.E. Madill.